Pieces considered under warranty are:

  • With any manufacturing defect;
  • With breakages or cracks of fasteners.
  • With natural wear and tear.

Pieces considered out of warranty are:


  • Darkened by dirt;
  • broken;
  • incomplete;
  • scratches;
  • bursts;
  • crumpled;
  • With opaque or milky stones;
  • By misuse;
  • Fitting parts;
  • Worn with little time of use (up to 6 months of use);
Promotional products will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances.

  • The guarantee is eternal in the gold-plated of the piece from the date of the guarantee certificate, upon presentation of the product accompanied by the respective guarantee certificate.
  • The guarantee will be validated if the defect presented is in the manufacture of the product.
  • The warranty does not cover defects caused by misuse.
  • Joias4ever & Co., according to the consumer protection code, has a period of 30 (thirty) days to analyze the product and give a position to the customer.
  • Once the manufacturing defect is proven, we can repair the product or replace it with an equal one in case the product is already out of order.
  • If the piece cannot be replaced by an equal one within 30 days, the customer will receive a credit coupon for the value of the piece.
  • Exchange will not be authorized if the defect is due to misuse or wear.
  • Promotional products will NOT be exchanged under any circumstances.